Paralegals in our office have both criminal and civil duties. Our paralegals work closely with the attorneys in their assignments. They spend the majority of their time working on civil responsibilities, including research and litigation, but also are asked to write or edit criminal draft appeals and other complicated motions.

We strive to employ and retain experienced paralegals who can: manage high-volume project responsibilities; exercise independent judgment in decision-making; prioritize heavy workloads; and move from task to task as needed - all while maintaining a high level of proficiency and confidentiality. Our paralegals also are required to have a good knowledge of legal research methods; civil and criminal court procedures; legal ethics; civil and criminal trial procedures; rules of evidence; as well as legal terminology, forms, and procedures.

While we do not require certification as a paralegal or a degree in law or criminal justice, we do consider those applicants who possess those qualifications as being superior candidates. An extensive knowledge of the court system through education and experience in excess of five years and/or experience as a paralegal in another agency for longer than one year also are considered as having superior qualifications.

If you are interested in working in our office as a paralegal, please use the City's  online application process.

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