Legal Intern-Extern

The criminal division of the Office of the City Attorney offers paid summer internship positions to students from the University of Idaho and Concordia University School of Law.  To be considered for a paid internship position, students must be eligible to obtain a Legal Intern License from the Idaho State Bar.  The criminal division also offers unpaid externship positions during the school year to students from Concordia University School of Law as part of a clinical program.  Participation in the clinical program also requires eligibility for a Legal Intern License.

Legal interns and externs are trained and mentored by senior attorneys.  These positions offer a significant amount of courtroom experience, with interns and externs being assigned their own caseload.  The caseload primarily consists of handling status conferences and bench trials in traffic cases, as well as in-custody video arraignments in misdemeanor cases.  For summer interns, the office is also committed to providing jury trial experience in misdemeanor cases when possible.  Summer interns are partnered with an experienced attorney to either co-try a case or to conduct a trial on their own with the attorney there to supervise and assist.  Summer interns may also be assigned research and writing projects on criminal law issues.    

We accept applications and conduct on-campus interviews for our summer internship positions during the fall of interested students' second year.  Offers are made to the successful applicants by the middle or end of October.  For the clinical program externship positions, applications are accepted and interviews conducted according to the schedule set by Concordia University School of Law.   

If you have any questions about our summer internships or clinical program externships, please contact Kourtney Fairchild at

Past Intern/Extern Experiences

Devin Curda
Gonzaga University, School of Law
Summer 2017:

Working as a summer intern at the Boise City Attorney's Office gave me unparalleled experience. Beginning with a comprehensive training which oriented me to the rules and procedures of the courts,  I was equipped with the necessary tools to then handle my own caseload of misdemeanors. From first appearances to jury trials to sentencing hearings, I was exposed to the full spectrum of criminal City Attorney work. By collaborating with my fellow interns and leaning on numerous mentors in the office, my time with Boise City was educational and effectual. This experience helped solidify my legal knowledge surrounding criminal law processes as well as crystallize my vocational goals.

Kelsey Manweiler
University of Idaho, College of Law
Summer 2017

I truly cannot say enough wonderful praises about this internship. From the people you work with and the mentorship process, to the actual court experience-this internship has it all. This experience taught me how to prepare for various court appearances; manage caseloads and clients; and offered me the opportunity to appear in court. When I say appear in court, I do not just mean watch court. You will be making actual arguments in front of a judge and learning what paperwork must be filed appropriately. Through this experience you will meet lawyers, judges, court personnel, while learning how the trial courts operate. For students hoping to be a trial lawyer, this internship is invauable. the internship has the right balance between mentoring and hleping you learn how to do various legal tasks on your own. For me personally, this internship taught me how to take what I learned in the classroom and apply it in practice. You will work with some of hte most experienced trial lawyers in the Treasure Valley. Few internships offer you as much court experience as an internship with Boise City.

Kayla Spain
University of Idaho, School of Law
Summer 2014

Interning at the Boise City Attorney's Office was a remarkable experience and I am extremely grateful to have been provided this opportunity. The experience I gained this summer was invaluable.  I appeared in court up to four days a week and interacted with defendants, public defenders, private attorneys, judges, and court staff on a daily basis.  I gained confidence in my abilities that I will carry with me for the rest of my legal career.  Additionally, the friendly and helpful attorneys and office staff at Boise City Attorney's Office were fantastic to work with. 

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